Ease Into Yr. Size EP

by fiscal cliff

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released August 30, 2014


tags: punk Oakland


all rights reserved


fiscal cliff Oakland, California

nicole-bass, vocals
cody-drums, sound collage, vocals
keith-guitar, vocals

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Track Name: A Man Named Finn
He asks my advice
He asks for my attentiveness
And we receive some type or form
of self confidence
His thoughts are so wide
The scratches remain etched on his arm
And he will strive to make himself seem visible

He says that I shine
My facial expression stays the same
But, sometimes I'll smile
And, He'll smile back in his own way
Oh, everyday I'll try and say the things I think he wants to hear
I'm paid to be here

And, everyday
We'll try to win
And celebrate a man named Finn
The films and books that support his view
are making it hard to approach you

A message from God!
The pulsating voice inside his head
A call and response
The knowledge that he will try to spread
A Cause for alarm
A call and response
The words that you know won't change the food you're fed

And, everyday
We'll try to win
The heart and mind of a man named Fin
The films and books that inform his view
are making it hard to approach you

The books I never got through
The books I'll never get to
You're making it hard to approach you
Track Name: Ease Into Yr. Size
Every morning
When I wake my bones
A similar feeling arises
With head in hands
I unleash guttural tones
No words seem to comprise this

Ease into yr. size
What was dead feels warm inside
Ease into yr. size
There's nothing left for me here

Some future dawning
I hope I will rise
Destroying reflections in my path
I scratch my head and nibble my nails
I stumble my way through existence

Ease into yr. size
And your position in other's lives
Ease into yr. size
And you'll find comfort there
Track Name: Highway One
Last night
In my bed
I slipped into a dream
You were there
Inside my head
Distance in between

The children all drew circles
I saw them there
And, everyday is just a dream
Completely unaware

And, Oh!
The River seems to flow within your bones
The only thing we're lacking
Don't you know?

The dream will continue
As I rise from sleep
Yes, In my head
We're still there
With ocean blues
And paved black streets

With nothing but a circle
No burdens we shall bare
For what was once contained
Cannot be compared
Track Name: Cody Don't Jam
Sit upon the ocean shore
A line in the sand
Marks what's mine
What's yours?
I drew a map of the world we knew

In the horizon
I see land
Tupperware and frying-pans
Eye contact and shaking hands

But, the light!
The light shines so brightly
Yes, the light!
The light shines enticingly